Many are appalled with LABOUM’s severe weight loss regime

LABOUM shocked the netizens of the reality behind the scenes as idol group members as portions of their severe diet regime were revealed. 

Last July 3rd, LABOUM appeared in an episode of SBS Special where the severe weight loss regime within the group was revealed. The episode caught quite a reaction after the members mentioned their sensitivity towards weight and showed portions of their packed lunch consisting of vegetables and bread. It was discovered that the lunch only consisted of 300 calories, which was deemed restrictive if one considers their busy schedules and activities.

Netizens have reacted quite negatively at this discovery and argued that the members needed to have a less restrictive diet with their hectic schedule and demanding physical activities. Others pointed out how the agencies need to step up and ensure that the health of their artists are optimal to their necessary performances.

Meanwhile, LABOUM remains active with their ongoing activities for their latest album, Fresh Adventure.
Image: Sports Chosun / SBS “Special”

Source: Sports Chosun