Many elementary students in Korea experiencing “burnout syndrome”

Many elementary students in Korea are found to be experiencing drastic burnout syndrome.

On a recent episode titled ‘Exit-less Tiresome Society – Burnout Syndrome’ of KBS 2TV’s In Depth 60 Minutes, it reported on the unfortunate reality of the Korean society.

It revealed the shocking results compiled from an elementary school in Seoul, where 3 out of 23 students were found to be experiencing burnout syndrome with a stress level equivalent to that of actual burnout syndrome patients. Additionally, 14 out of 23 students displayed stress levels equivalent to that of adults who are 16 years into their work life.

The production team also stated, “As for the college students in their 20s, 16 out of 21 students either displayed burnout syndrome or high likelihood of risking burnout syndrome.”

Burnout syndrome is psychological as well as physical distress usually experienced from focusing and working on one thing for a long period of time, resulting in lethargy, self-hate, and denial to own their responsibilities. Likewise, burnout syndrome can come at young age if the experienced distress has not been treated, yet prolonged for a period of time.

Source: Ten Asia