Margarine Companies Have The Most Hilarious Responses To BTS’s New “Butter” Song

We can’t believe some of these tweets! 😂

BTS announced their comeback with a new digital single called “Butter.” ARMYs have had some funny reactions to the news, but some of the funniest reactions thus far have been from those who know butter better than anyone… Butter itself.

Butter companies like Land O’Lakes aren’t the only ones who have expressed their excitement over BTS’s new single. I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!, one of the most popular margarine companies, has tweeted a few tweets after “Butter” was announced.

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! markets itself as a butter substitute for a healthier alternative. Knowing that they can’t compete with a product endorsed by BTS, they recommended a slight alteration to the new song.

Butter is not the only thing unbelievable around here. ARMY couldn’t believe that the margarine company was exposing themselves to be a stan account. So, of course, “Not Butter” had some witty comebacks.

They’re doing the most, and it’s paying off.

Some ARMY tried to hit Not Butter where it hurt the most…

But they still came out on top as they used only the best memes and GIFs in response.

Some ARMY even comforted Not Butter, reminding them that since it’s a dance track, it’ll be the perfect song for a workout! Stanning BTS helps both our mental and physical health.

There are some things that we can all agree on…  Maybe delicious drinks and BTS? 😉

Check out other tweet reactions from some of BTS’s verified stans:

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