Korean Netizens Criticize Organizers Of Margot Robbie’s “Barbie” Event For Forcing Korean Culture Onto Stars

“Whenever a foreign celebrity visits, we make them wear everything that’s Korean…”

Korean netizens criticized the organizers of Margot Robbie‘s Barbie event.

From left: America Ferrera, Margot Robbie, and Greta Gerwig |

On July 2, Margot Robbie made an appearance in Korea to promote her upcoming movie, Barbie. The Hollywood actress graced the event alongside Barbie director Greta Gerwig and co-stars America Ferrera and Tom Ackerley.

During the pink carpet event, the movie stars greeted fans and took time to take photos with the crowd. Margot Robbie reportedly thanked her fans in Korean, saying Kamsahamnida.

After taking four questions regarding the upcoming movie, the event then put on a traditional Korean dance performance. Dancers from the Korean Cultural Heritage Foundation’s art troupe performed in traditional Korean garb while playing traditional Korean instruments.

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After the performance, Margot Robbie was then presented with a traditional Hanbok made by Hanbok designer, Park Sool Nyeo. Robbie, Gerwig, and Ferrera were each presented with a hanbok.

Park Sool Nyeo (left) |

After the event, Korean netizens reacted to the movie’s rollout, with some criticizing organizers for seemingly forcing Korean culture onto the stars. Others pointed out how inside Margot Robbie’s hanbok, Park Sool Nyeo seemed to have placed her business card,

A viral post titled “Today’s Barbie event felt like a 10-year-old deja vu” compared the event to a similar event 10 years ago, in which Amanda Seyfried was presented a hanbok. |
Park Sool Nyeo’s business cards | Wikitree

  • “Another ‘unforgettable’ domestic event. This is the worst.”
  • “Seriously, who planned this event?  This looked like the opening ceremony for the National Sports Festival.
    • 1. The hanbok is far removed from today’s sensibilities.
    • 2. I didn’t like Park Sool Nyeo’s attitude after placing her business cards in the pockets of the hanbok and firmly placing herself at the center over Margo and Greta Gerwig.
    • 3. I was embarrassed to see them force-feed the stars Korean culture, which didn’t even match the event’s tone as if to ask, ‘Do you know Korea?’ It would have made more sense if they presented them with a Barbie wearing a hanbok instead.”

  • “Seriously, who is the boomer that organized this? LOL.”
  • “Huh, huh.”
  • “(Margot Robbie) probably regretted coming.”
  • “Is she (Park Sool Nyeo) here to sell hanboks?”
  • “I’m sure (Margot) looked forward to the event, but ended up thinking to herself ‘What is this?…’
  • “Hanbok and a traditional dance performance. This is shockingly (bad).”
  • “Disgusting.”
  • “We need to tone down our national pride. Whenever a foreign celebrity visits, we make them wear everything that’s Korean. LOL.”

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Source: wikitree
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