Marie Claire Korea Just Dropped Behind The Scenes Footage From SHINee’s Cover Shoot And Their Visuals Are Absolutely Stunning

They look amazing!

SHINee is on the cover of the August 2021 issue of Marie Claire Korea, and the magazine just released exclusive behind the scenes footage of their cover shoot!

| @marieclairekorea/Instagram

In the video, the members turned their charm on for the camera while the photographer snapped photos.

| Marie Claire Korea/YouTube

SHINee’s leader, Onew, smiled adorably during his solo shoot.

| Marie Claire Korea/YouTube

Key struck seductive poses by a window.

| Marie Claire Korea/YouTube

Minho‘s flaming charisma was on full display as he posed for individual photos.

| Marie Claire Korea/YouTube

Taemin, the group’s youngest member, creatively used a bathtub as a prop during his solo shoot.

| Marie Claire Korea/YouTube

See the full video below for more behind the scenes footage!

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