Mark Your Calendars, Flowsik Is Coming Back With Swagger On December 14 With “Kari”

Flowsik will teach you what true swag is in “Kari”.

Coming off his double release collaboration with Jessi as well as his own solo single “BBUNG”, rapper Flowsik is back with a brand new single that’s sure to be your new favorite.


Flowsik is known for his jaw-dropping rapping skills that not only put him at the forefront of the Korean hip-hop scene but also made him a favorite on Show Me The Money 5. His new song, “KARI”, is sure to leave an even bigger impression. “Kari” is a play on the Korean slang term for describing someone or something with swag, and there’s plenty of “Kari” in this song.


With a pumping beat and an unforgettable sound, Flowsik has crafted a remarkable hip-hop song.


But the track isn’t just cool, with his lyricism that features both Korean and English (and even a little Spanish) and a flow that would make any rapper envious, you’ll have “Kari” on repeat.


On top of that, Flowsik returns to his roots in the music video which was shot in his hometown of Queens, New York and features him interacting with his local community.


All in all, it’s a release you are not going to want to miss. Prepare your ears to be blessed on December 14th.