NCTzens Make A Connection With NCT As Mark Hosts Them And Members On Twitter Spaces For The First Time

NCT is the first K-Pop group to utilize Twitter’s new feature Spaces.

Twitter recently added a new feature called Spaces, and NCT is the first K-Pop group to put it to good use. Spaces allows you to start a voice chat with people you select. While there is no limit to the number of listeners, there is a maximum of 10 people who can speak at a time. Currently, Spaces is still in the early stages and is only available to a small group of users. However, anyone on iOS should be able to join, at least as a listener.

| @litoljeonghan/Twitter

Mark initiated a “NCT’s space” and acted as a moderator for this event. He handled all the technical difficulties professionally while also being personable throughout the entire thing, making NCTzens feel like they were just on a call with friends. Jungwoo joined him from the NCT 127 account. The other members who joined “NCT’s space” were Yangyang, Xiaojun, and Ten from WayV‘s account. 

Jeno tried to join from the NCT DREAM account. Unfortunately, he couldn’t hear the other members when it started. As a result, he had a conversation with himself.

Jeno tried to join in on the group’s conversation a few times with no success. A lot of jokes were told at his expense while he was the victim of technical difficulties.

Although NCTzens couldn’t talk during the conversation, Mark and Jungwoo made them feel more included by reading some of the participants’ display names. Thankfully, nothing too embarrassing was said. 😂

With the “Kick Back” music video having just been released, the boys had to promote WayV’s comeback! At the start, Jeno and Mark briefly talked about the music video, which led Jeno to sing.

Later, the rest of the crew sang some of the chorus! We got WayV featuring Mark and Jungwoo.

NCT is a diverse group with members of all backgrounds that try to be inclusive. As an example, Jungwoo tried to speak some English when Mark was talking.

Likewise, when the WayV members joined, Mark attempted to speak the little bit of Chinese he knows. It ended up being a language lesson for Mark.

They all had in common that they had worked on “90’s Love” together. That is except for Jungwoo, who started to feel left out.

Someone else who felt left out was Jeno, as he continually struggled with technical difficulties. Since the others could hear him, but he couldn’t hear them, Mark thought of another way to include him. He called him on the phone and put him on speakerphone so he would be able to talk with everyone. Once on the call, poor Jeno said, “I couldn’t hear at all. It kind of felt like I was doing a voice-only VLIVE by myself.” 

Perhaps the best moment to come from this entire thing is Mark and Jungwoo singing “Simon Says” provoked by a sneeze! Only NCT can make something as trivial as sneezing into a hilarious joke.

Although there’s still a lot to get used to with the new feature, Twitter Spaces seems like a great option for the entirety of NCT to connect with both each other and fans, despite the distance. We’re looking forward to the feature being available to everyone soon so that more K-Pop groups will host their own Spaces.