Mark Ruffalo welcomes the new Korean-American Hulk

With Marvel introducing the new Korean-American character that will be the new Hulk in the upcoming comic “The Totally Awesome Hulk,” Mark Ruffalo shows his support for the new character.

Increasing their diversity, Marvel has emerged with a Korean-American character that is a part of their line of comics called “All New, All Different.” After the announcement, Mark Ruffalo, who plays the Hulk in the movie The Avengers, showed his stance on the debut of a new Hulk.

Tweeting to his followers on his official account, he linked an article talking about the new series and showed support saying it was “Awesome indeed!”

“The Totally Awesome Hulk” will be released in December 2015 with a new Korean-American character named Amadeus Cho. It’s also said that series will be written and drawn by Korean-Americans Greg Pak and Frank Cho.

Source: My Daily