Market Investors Predict JYP’s Profits Will Soar Thanks To NiziU

They compared NiziU to TWICE.

Hana Financial Investment company claims that JYP Entertainment will see high profits next year thanks to their upcoming Japanese girl group, NiziU.

They first pointed out how NiziU has already garnered a wide fandom despite not debuting until later this Fall. They listed all of NiziU’s success so far from their pre-debut tracks and music videos to their wide popularity in Japan.

NiziU, the debut group from the NiZi Project aired through NTV and Hulu, have currently taken over the top 4 rankings on Line Music with their pre-debut tracks.

Their music video has the 3rd most views in 24 hours for a debut mv, which includes K-Pop. They’ve also become the #1 keyword in Japan for the first half of this year.

— Hana Financial Investment

They compared NiziU’s upcoming debut to TWICE‘s Japanese debut from 3 years ago. They believe NiziU will be following TWICE’s highly successful path.

Not only have they’ve already come close to all of TWICE’s debut records in Japan, their music video is receiving positive feedbacks.

Numerous news and indicators of NiziU are already pouring in for their debut this Fall. It’s very similar to TWICE 3 years ago.

— Hana Financial Investment

As long as the pandemic doesn’t cancel all concerts until the end of next year, JYP is predicted to make their record-making yearly reports in 2021. This is thanks to their already stellar line of artists, as well as the new addition of NiziU and their upcoming boy group.

Considering their plans to debut a Korean-Chinese group next year, JYP will most likely challenge their highest yearly reports ever just as long as concerts aren’t cancelled from the pandemic by the end of next year.

— Hana Financial Investment

Check out NiziU’s pre-debut music video below:

Source: Newsis