Mark’s father calls out Taiwanese singer who incited Tzuyu controversy

After Tzuyu‘s Taiwanese flag incident took the Asian entertainment industry by storm, netizens quickly discovered that Taiwanese-born singer Huang An was the source of the entire debacle. 

As JYP Entertainment and Tzuyu became embroiled in a conflict with both Chinese broadcasting stations and netizens after the TWICE member was accused of waving a Taiwanese flag as a political statement by Huang An. The Taiwanese independence opposer’s remarks quickly spread throughout the People’s Republic of China, escalating the issue enough to make international headlines.

However, as the situation has quelled dramatically, netizens are turning their focus to Huang An, who has been accused of victimizing Tzuyu for attention. In fact, Raymond Tuan, who’s the father of Tzuyu’s labelmate Mark Tuan of GOT7, publicly condemned Huang An on Twitter on January 17th KST.

“Mark’s dad: This Huang An whose mouth is full of shit is like a crazy dog. He keeps saying nonsense and causes all kinds of hurt! Tzuyu be strong! Fighting! Be composed! I really feel upset for Tzuyu, who is only 16 and has to face such untruthful accusations! And everyone please do not believe his nonsense, but return to the harmonious and loving environment and purely enjoy the good things of this world!”