Maroo Entertainment To Launch 9-Member Boy Group This September

Get ready for a new boy group debut!

Maroo Entertainment will debut a new boy group this fall!

On August 27, Maroo confirmed, “We are currently working on launching a new boy group this September.”

They revealed that they have invested a lot of time into this new nine-member group.

We have confirmed the group to consist of nine members and we are currently preparing for their official debut. We have worked with the best professionals to bring out a talented and skilled new boy group. Please show interest as we focused all our efforts and time preparing for this group.

This nine-member boy group will include members’ ages ranging from 2004 to 1999 with most members having an average of three years of training time. They have all gone through a structured training system and are made up of a group of boys that are talented in visuals, vocals, rap, and performance.

Three of the members of this group will be Lee Woojin, Lee Jinwoo, and Lee Taeseung, who are from Mnet’s Produce X 101 program who debuted last September as TEEN TEEN, a free unit group.

Maroo will be revealing the official name of the group and other debut contents in the near future. Stay tuned for more updates!

Source: ilgan sports and newsen