A Married Actress In Her 50s Is Sued By Former Lover Who Was Also Married During Their Affair

The actress may also face criminal charges.

According to news reports on September 13, an actress in her 50s who is still active in the industry was sued by her former lover for ₩112 million KRW (about $81,100 USD).

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According to the report, the actress and her former lover met in 2020 during a golf meet and dated for two years.

The man was married at the time, but got divorced at the encouragement of the actress, who promised she would also get a divorce. The actress is alleged to have promised the man that they would get married after their respective divorces.

According to the man, due to the promise of marriage, he provided for the actress financially, even buying her a car. But rather than getting a divorce, the actress, after delaying her divorce, broke up with the man.

I trusted that we would get married, so when she asked for an allowance and support for her children’s school and golf, I gave it to her. I even bought her a car. After I got divorced, she kept delaying her divorce before having a friend tell me that she wanted to break up.

— Former Lover

It was revealed that the man has also pressed criminal charges against the actress after the actress allegedly demanded that the man drop the original lawsuit while wielding a weapon.

Police station in Gangnam, Seoul | Heerim

The actress is said to be a married actress who debuted during the 90s and is still active in movies and dramas.

Source: Ilyo and wikitree