Married Celebrity Couple Shares Shocking Details About Their Sex Life


Actress Lim Soo Hyun, who is married to comedian Jung Chang Min, revealed the couple’s sex life.

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The couple who has gained popularity through their YouTube content will be starring in MBN’s new reality show, Resting Couple (translated from 쉬는부부).

Poster for Resting Couple | MBN

Resting Couple is a show following couples who are sexless due to personal and societal issues as they seek help in sparking their relationship.

The couple shocked audiences when in they revealed on the show that they hadn’t been intimate in a long time.

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Jung Chang Min is quoted as stating that the couple stopped having sex after their marriage.

Weirdly, we stopped becoming intimate after our wedding.

— Jung Chang Min

Actress Lim Soo Hyun stated, “We didn’t even have sex on our (censored),” shocking the show’s hosts.

Jung Chang Min (left) and Im Soo Hyun (right) | @im.sssuuu/Instagram

Meanwhile, Jung Chae Min is a comedian who debuted in 2012. He gained popularity when his catch-line “Are you surprised?” went viral.

Jung Chang Min on Gag Concert | KBS

Lim Soo Hyun is an actress who starred in the movie short, Do You Want To Take My Side Or This Pen? The actress also starred in the theatre production Love In Magic — Busan and Hot 6. The couple married in 2022.

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MBN’s Resting Couple airs its first episode on June 19.

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