“Marry My Husband” Actress BoA Hit With Heavy Criticism

Fans are not happy.

Marry My Husband” actor BoA is facing criticism.


On February 7, a post titled “Tracing tvN Marry My Husband’s Ratings” quickly garnered views.

In the post, a netizen posted the K-Drama’s stellar ratings. The K-Drama, which started with a 5.2 viewership rating, ended its most recent 12th episode with a rating of 10.5, cementing its popularity.

Although the show’s popularity seems to be at an all-time high, fans still were critical of some aspects of the show.

The biggest point of contention between fans seemed to be BoA’s acting. Many stated that the show had fallen off recently and blamed it on the singer.

  • Why did BoA join?…
  • The show became so boring after BoA joined.
  • Yesterday’s episode was so boring ㅠㅠ.
  • I stopped watching after this week’s episode.
  • BoA seriously can’t act. What were the show’s staff thinking by casting her? She f@cking sucks.
  • Why did they add BoA’s character? I understand her character is in the original work, but since Soo Min’s actions are so bad, couldn’t they have her be the lone victim? I want to change the channel whenever BoA is on because her acting is so bad.
  • BoA’s acting is so strange…
  • I don’t know why BoA’s character exists…
  • BoA is ruining the drama.

What are your thoughts?


Source: theqoo