“Marry My Husband’s” Song Ha Yoon Exposed As Former Schoolmates Come Forward

“You can’t block the sky with your hands, Song Ha Yoon…”

Song Ha Yoon‘s alleged past schoolmates have come forward to give their own accounts of the actress.

Song Ha Yoon

Previously, Song Ha Yoon was accused of being a school bully. According to the accuser, the actress had slapped them for 90 minutes.

Netizens Name “Marry My Husband” Song Ha Yoon As Alleged Bully In School Violence Accusations

The allegations have spurred many other alleged schoolmates to come forward with their own accounts of the actress.

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I was her Banpo schoolmate. I was her classmate during her senior year of high school. I am not sure about the allegations because it happened before she transferred to our school. But I can confirm she was expelled twice and once from Banpo. I am just laughing at her agency’s statement.

— Alleged former schoolmate

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The allegations are obviously true. My best friend was also bullied by Song Ha Yoon in a similar way. I knew that her horrible nature would come to light… You can’t block the sky with your hands, Song Ha Yoon; I got the chills when you acted like you were a good person on television.

— Alleged former schoolmate

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I was her Banpo schoolmate, and I can confirm that she was kicked out of school. I remember she hung out with a gang, but they got split up and were sent to different schools. I’m sure that our schoolmates remember the incident, as it was rare for girls to get kicked out of school for assault. But we aren’t sure if the fighting was between other gangs or if it was a one-sided assault.

— Alleged former schoolmate

Meanwhile, Song Ha Yoon has since sparked further speculation with her response to the allegations. Read more about it in the link below.

Song Ha Yoon’s Response To Bullying Allegations Sparks Further Controversy


Source: wikitree
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