Marteen Hinted At An Upcoming Collaboration With NCT

Fans are hoping it will happen when Marteen comes to Seoul in September!

The American singer-songwriter Marteen has hinted at an upcoming collaboration with NCT on his Instagram story and fans are thrilled.


It all began when Taeyong and Ten had some fun dancing to Marteen’s “We Cool” on a live broadcast.


After hearing the song on NCT’s live broadcast, NCT fans were introduced to Marteen’s music and became his fans as well!


Eventually, Marteen took notice of the clip and re-uploaded in on his Instagram Story, thanking the two idols for their love.


Shortly after, Marteen was seen with Mark, Johnny and Taeyong at a studio.


Johnny also mentioned in an interview that there may be something (a collaboration) that fans could look forward to.


Fans got extremely excited and were hoping this meant an NCT x Marteen collaboration.


A video of NCT working with Marteen and the American producer Harvey Mason Jr. at his studio was later released, confirming the collaboration.


More recently, Marteen has hinted that the collaboration is coming soon on his Instagram story and fans just cannot contain their excitement!


Meanwhile, Marteen will be heading to Seoul in September for a live performance and some fans have been speculating the collaboration to take place during this time!

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