Marvel Actor And Stuntman Andy Le Can’t Stop Praising His Bias BTS’s Jimin, And Here’s Why

He also shared more ARMY-certified information!

Although all of BTS are known for their flawless singing, dancing, and personalities, each member is much more than that. In particular, they each have special skills and talents that make them unique and have fans falling in love with them. It is no exception for Jimin!

BTS’s Jimin | @bts_twt/ Twitter

Recently, actor Andy Le, who plays Death Dealer in Marvel‘s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, shared his love of BTS and particularly of Jimin!

In an interview on the Andy Trieu Show, host and fellow stuntman Andy Trieu touched upon Le’s love for BTS and asked the all-important question: Who was his bias? Although it was hard to pick, he chose Jimin, but it for a much deeper reason.

My bias is Jimin. I think it might be because, for some reason, I feel like I just connect with him. I can’t just watch him, I’m at a loss for words, and I can’t describe it but, I could connect with him, and I know he has a bit of tricking as well. I have a soft spot for that.

— Andy Le

In particular, Andy Le spoke about a specific trick Jimin has done which took his breath away, and honestly, ARMYs worldwide would agree!

I know he has this one routine he does with J-Hope, where J-Hope just drops on Jimin, and he just does this running aerial flip over him. So, yeah, I always have a soft spot for that!

— Andy Le

As a stuntman himself, it shows just how good Jimin is that he can be praised by those who make a living out of performing complicated tricks. He was particularly in awe of the trick performed with J-Hope when the group was on tour, and it was no doubt spectacular to watch!

Although he is known for his angelic voice and killer dancing ability, ARMYs know that Jimin is skilled in almost everything. Some of his experience in taekwondo, kumdo, hapkido, and Chinese martial arts helped this talent grow!

It isn’t even the first time he has been a proud ARMY! After the interview was released, fans found that Andy Le had actually attended a Jimin event back in 2019!

Yet, if that wasn’t enough BTS love from Andy Le, he then revealed some more information about his ARMY status. Of course, if his bias choice was important, so was his bias wrecker which happened to be Jungkook!

BTS’s Jungkook | BigHit Entertainment

When asked about his favorite song, Andy Le was the perfect ARMY representative saying that he loved BTS because they hit different notes and had different styles.

So, depending on whatever mood I am in. If I’m going for a cruise and need some comfort music, it was always ‘Save Me,’ and ‘MIC DROP,’ would be the ones I use for the gym. Another comfort one would be ‘Butterfly.’ It’s hard because all their songs touch on different tones.

— Andy Le

He finished by adding that BTS had been with him through some of the best and worst times, and there is no denying that they are a source of comfort for so many ARMYs.

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: Andy Treiu Show