Here’s The Real Reason Marvel “Eternals” Director Chloé Zhao Chose BTS Jimin And V’s Track “Friends” As An OST For The Film

It is seriously heartwarming!

ARMYs worldwide couldn’t hide their excitement after it was revealed that BTS Jimin and V‘s track “Friends” would be used as the OST (original soundtrack) for Marvel‘s upcoming movie Eternals. 

As the film was released in several countries, fans showed their support and pride at seeing the song used in the movie and Jimin’s name in the ending credits.

BTS’s Jimin and V

However, it seems as if it wasn’t just the rise in popularity of BTS or pure coincidence that the track became part of the movie’s soundtrack. To promote the film’s release, director Chloé Zhao sat down with actor Kit Harrington for an interview with ETtoday to speak about the film.

Kit Harrington (left) and Chloe Zhao (right) | Disney

In particular, she spoke about why she chose “Friends” to be part of the movie, alongside many other famous and popular songs from artists like Pink Floyd and Lizzo.

Although they might be huge artists in their own right, Chloé explained that her decision to use the song also came from a personal choice as she shyly shared her love for BTS and her bias.

It’s because this is my favorite BTS song. I really like Jimin. He’s too cute.

— Chloé Zhao

BTS’s Jimin | @bts_twt/ Twitter

Alongside her love for the group, Zhao also revealed that the song seemed like the perfect fit for the movie’s message. The song rightly speaks about friendship, and she believes that it closely resembles the relationships between the main characters in the film.

In the interview, she also shared her love for the song, and there is no denying that it is a song that is loved by ARMYs worldwide.

This song is done by two of them (Jimin and V). It’s a beautiful song. There is a variety of songs in Eternals, but they are all songs that I like, such as those by Pink Floyd and BTS.

— Chloé Zhao

| @bts_twt/ Twitter

Zhao has been praised for breaking boundaries in Eternals by showcasing a diverse cast and continuing that diversity in the movie’s soundtrack.

Yet, she isn’t the first person to have shared her love for the friendship between Jimin and V. Fellow musician Lizzo, who also appears on the soundtrack, shared her passion for the duo’s friendship, and even wrote a song about the two during a live stream. She explained, “I love Jimin. I like V too! Their relationship, whenever they perform, they be next to each other. They’re like BFFs.

There is no denying that the song is the true epitome of friendship. With the relationship between Jimin and V so iconic, it is not surprising that Zhao’s choice came from both a personal and professional mindset.

With fans worldwide sharing their love for the film and choosing the track from Jimin and V for the soundtrack, it showcases just how special the song is.

Source: ETtoday


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