Mattel Confirms The Outfits Of Their BTS Dolls And It Has ARMY Already Emptying Their Wallets

ARMYs are going to be really broke this Summer.

BTS are on a quest to dominate the toy market with the announcements of their Mattel dolls and more recently, the Funko Pop toys based on their promotions for “Idol”.

The announcement of BTS’s Funko Pop line isn’t the only thing we learned at the New York Toy Fair. The outfits for the BTS Mattel dolls have also been confirmed in a special showcase.

The mannequins confirm that the dolls will be wearing the outfits from BTS’s “Idol” promotions, just like the Funko Pop figures. This confirmation has ARMY even more excited to buy these new collectable toys.

ARMYs have also been speculating on how the dolls would look in different outfits and if they will be able to create custom outfits for the dolls.