Mattel Stock Price Jumps Following BTS Announcement

The BTS brand is very valuable.

Following the announcement of Mattel’s partnership with BTS where they intend to create dolls based on the “Idol” music video…

Mattel Will Be Making BTS Dolls, Here’s How Fans Are Reacting

…their stock prices have jumped up almost 8%! This is a much-needed boost for Mattel whose stock price has been steadily declining for the past year.

As you can see when we look at the last 6 months for Mattel, it hasn’t been a positive half year for the toy making giants.

Thankfully, they may be improving their stock price once more courtesy of their partnership with BigHit.

This is yet another example of the brand power of BTS.

Even getting an endorsement from a member of BTS as Australian duo Chymes did when Jungkook shared their song on Twitter can be enough to catapult you to popularity.

Chymes had over 10 million tweet impressions following this tweet and their Spotify listeners increased by over 200%.

BTS is insanely popular at the moment and it’s likely we’ll see other companies try to partner with BigHit to take advantage of that in the coming months.

Source: Market Watch