Mattress Firm Falls In Love With Billlie’s Sheon

She’s the queen of “Americacore.”

Is Mattress Firm a K-Pop fan?!

A recent tweet featuring Billlie’s Sheon posing in random locations in the United States went viral. The OP (Original Poster) captioned the two photos of the K-Pop idol, “americacore idol photos are my favorite things.”

Americacore” refers to the American aesthetic and/or romanticism of the United States of America.

| Urban Dictionary

When OP’s tweet of Sheon went viral, netizens were so amused by the concept, especially over the locations. Mattress Firm truly stole the show as the comment section filled with K-Pop fans in bewilderment.

Mattress Firm is an American mattress store chain founded on July 4, 1986 (how American of them), headquartered in Houston, Texas.

All the netizens’ comments must have summoned Mattress Firm because the store’s official Twitter account also appeared in the comment section of OP’s tweet. The social media manager replied with a heart-eyed emoji. Like us, they must have fallen for Sheon! We can’t blame them.

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