It May Be A While Before Gong Yoo Stars In Another K-Drama

An insider has revealed that Gong Yoo will be taking a well-deserved break starting mid-March after his busy time filming for Goblin and various commercials.

Goblin had some difficulties with airing its episodes on schedule due to unfinished filming, which resulted in the cast having to film new episodes as the series was airing. Rumors of Gong Yoo having health problems due to his packed schedule arose but were later revealed to be false.

Nevertheless, Gong Yoo has been incredibly busy filming for Goblin and then, immediately after, shooting commercials in Sydney, Australia. According to sources, Gong Yoo has not had a day to himself so that he could relax and recharge since then.

Photo from Gong Yoo’s Discovery Expedition shoot.

Fortunately, on February 17, an insider from his agency Soop Entertainment revealed that he would be enjoying a long break starting mid-March without any schedules planned so that he can have a break and think about what he wants to work on next.

“Currently, Gong Yoo is extremely busy filming for commercials. We think he will be taking a break away from schedules from mid-March and onwards. He will be evaluating all scenarios regarding his next work during that time. His next work is most likely going to be a movie rather than a drama.”

Insider from Soop Entertainment

Source: TV Report