MBC Accidentally Sent Out Emergency Evacuation Notice On Live Broadcast, Koreans Panic

Viewers were shocked when the MBC mistakenly broadcast an air-raid warning mid-drama.

Koreans watching Joy‘s MBC drama Great Temptation last night got a scare when the network broadcast an emergency air raid warning mid-episode.


The emergency broadcast urged viewers to evacuate to a nearby shelter due to an air raid attack.

Citizens were unsure of the validity of the image, since there was no time stamp or region, but understandably panicked, especially due to the tensions with the north.


Thankfully, it turned out to be a mistake made by the broadcaster. Shortly after the air strike caption was released, Chuncheon’s MBC television network apologized to viewers, saying it was an accident.


Netizens took to online communities to share their surprise.

  • “I think they were testing and made a mistake.”
  • “People watching TV felt like they were having a heart attack.”
  • “People who saw that must have been really surprised.”
  • “Those crazy guys to make a mistake like that.”
Source: Dispatch and DC Inside