“Produce 101” Producer And MBC Team Up To Create A New Global Girl Group Audition Show

A new girl group is on its way this November!

Former Mnet and YG Entertainment producer Han Dong Cheol has teamed up with MBC to launch a new girl group survival show titled After School Excitement.

Han Dong Cheol has moved on to create his own production company titled Funky Studio. However, he is widely popular for creating the iconic survival shows Produce 101, Show Me the Money, and Unpretty Rapstar. Therefore, fans hope that yet another amazing project group gets created.

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The title After School Excitement is said to have the concept of students working to achieve their dreams after school. As such, the contestants will work to make their dreams come true and become an idol group! Whether or not the girls have to actually be a student or if that is just the theme is unclear, but it is most likely just the theme.

The program aims to create a girl group that will enter the Billboard charts and becomes a global idol group that is loved not only by South Korea but also by the world.

Currently, MBC and Han Dong Cheol are meeting trainees from various entertainment agencies. However, it was revealed that they would be looking for trainees from all around the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, South America, and more. They have stated that any individual can apply regardless if they have an agency or not. Any person above the age of 12 can apply.

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The application period will continue until June 30, and the show is said to premiere in November! We can’t wait!

Source: Star News