MBC Producers Go To War With Their CEO For Treating Them Like Slaves

MBC Producers are speaking out against the harsh reality of being producers for the popular broadcasting company.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo is one of MBC’s biggest shows.

In total, 47 MBC producers have released a petition for the company’s president, Kim Jang Gyum to step down from his position.

We Got Married, another popular MBC show, may also have been affected by these allegations.

The I Live Alone and Infinite Challenge staff reported that there were several different instances of unfair treatment, even towards celebrities invited to the show.

The staff of Infinite Challenge, one of Korea’s biggest variety shows, recently spoke up about the conditions at MBC.

They revealed, “Their screening process is absurd. No matter how talented a person is, we can’t invite them on our shows if the president of MBC doesn’t like them.”

Many big K-Pop stars make regular appearances on MBC music shows, but they may not have been treated fairly.

The PD described what it feels like working for the company.

They tell us to be slaves, not PDs. They slash our production funds, so much that we can’t even compete with cable shows, let alone KBS and SBS. Every time we ask someone to be on our shows, it’s so embarrassing to tell them how much we can pay them. And yet hundreds of millions of won,hundreds of thousands of dollars, are poured into events for the president.

— An anonymous MBC PD

In 2014, Kim Jang Gyum was involved in another controversy after he was accused of incorrectly reporting during coverage of the Sewol Ferry Incident.

Once again there are more complaints against him, and the MBC employees are the latest to call for the resignation of the president.


MBC’s I Live Alone, welcomed many Korean celebrities onto the show.

In response, 10 people have been fired from the company, and roughly 80 have been suspended.

Source:  Joins