MBC Reveals More Celebrities Were Involved In Jung Joon Young’s Illegal Hidden Camera Sharing

More celebrities are involved.

An exclusive report from MBC has detailed that a total of 14 people were involved in chatrooms with Jung Joon Young, where illegal videos were shared.

Among the 14 people, there are several celebrities involved that were not previously revealed, including singers “K” and “J“, as well as model “L”.

Singer “K” has already made his first statement regarding the accusations, denying any knowledge of illegal videos.

I do remember being in a chatroom with Jung Joon Young, but there were no illegal photos.

— Singer “K”

In total, there were 8 singers involved in chatrooms with Jung Joon Young, including Seungri, Choi Jonghoon, and Yong Junhyung. Including singers “K” and “J”, this means there are 2 more unnamed singers involved.

Illegal videos and photos were shared in a total of 7 different chatrooms. The sizes of the different chatrooms ranged from 3-7 people.

Police investigation has also confirmed that the illegal videos were shared alongside comments as if the uploader was bragging about the vide. They have also confirmed that some members of the chatroom used the sex videos to make threats.

According to police, Mr. Kim took a sex video of a victim who was in debt to him, and threatened to release it.

Should I spread the video if she doesn’t pay me back?

— Mr. Kim

Police will now investigate all of the members involved in the chatrooms with Jung Joon Young and determine if there was any illegal activities that happened.

Source: MBC

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