MBC Reveals Details On When And Where Jung Joon Young Took Hidden Camera Videos Plus His Reaction

They revealed when and where he filmed women.

MBC has released an exclusive report detailing when and where Jung Joon Young took some of the illegal hidden camera videos he shared with other celebrities.

In 2016, Jung Joon Young shared a photo he secretly took of a woman who was sitting in front of him on an airplane. This photo was sent to a chatroom with his male celebrity friends. Just 30 seconds later, he sent the same photo to a different chatroom, again with male celebrity friends.

Police also discovered that he filmed hidden camera videos in multiple other places, including at a hotel in Taiwan, his own apartment, a restaurant in Gangnam, and an adult entertainment venue.

He would film and share the videos at any time of the day, ranging from late at night to the middle of the day. The times shown are 12:24 am, 3:35 am, 2:40 pm, and 6:35 pm.

Most of the videos he took were less than 10 seconds long, and were filmed where the woman in the video did not know she was being filmed.

MBC has also reported that in 2015, Jung Joon Young tried to film a video of a woman, but was caught in the act, so he deleted it.

Finally, when he was confronted about the new videos during his police investigations, he reportedly just said “There’s more of them?” and sighed every time the police showed him a new video. The police believe he doesn’t even know how many videos he filmed.

Source: MBC

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