MBC Reveals Seungri Told Members Of The Chatroom To Change Their Phones, Destroying The Evidence

“Change your phone.”

An exclusive report from MBC has detailed how Seungri told the members of the chatroom to change their phones shortly after it was revealed on March 11 that the members of the chatroom shared illegally filmed videos with each other.

MBC revealed the final message sent in the chatroom. It is not known who sent the message.

We are in big trouble, change all of your phones.

According to the police investigation records obtained by MBC, they discovered that Seungri, Jung Joon Young, Choi Jonghoon, and the other members of the chatroom all conspired together to have their cell phones changed. They decided this right after it was revealed on March 11 that the members shared illegal hidden camera videos.

Seungri was the one who suggest to Choi Jonghoon to change his phone, with a total of 6 members of the chatroom, including Seungri, submitted brand new phones to the police for investigation.

According to the police report, Jung Joon Young testified that a member of the chatroom known as Mr. Park told him to change his phone.

At the request of Mr. Park, I disposed of my old phone and purchased a new one in Los Angeles while I was filming for a broadcast.

— Jung Joon Young

When Jung Joon Young returned from Los Angeles, he submitted his new phone, saying the he submitted all of his phones with videos to the police. In reality, he abandoned his old phone with the illegal video clips in America.

I have submitted all of my phones, such as the ‘golden phone’ that was the talk of the town. I have also said everything with true honesty.

— Jung Joon Young (March 15)

However, only videos from 2015 and 2016 have been discovered, because of the fact that he abandoned his most recent phone in Los Angeles. It is believed that there were more recently filmed videos on the phone he left in America, but they can’t be discovered due to the organized destruction of evidence.

Source: MBC

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