Broadcasting Networks MBC And SBS Are Fighting Over Im Soo Hyang

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JTBC reports television networks, SBS and MBC, are currently in heated discussions regarding conflicting projects led by actress Lim Soo Hyang.

Im Soo Hyang | @hellopapa11/Instagram

Lim Soo Hyang has finished filming for MBC’s Dr. Lawyer and SBS’s Starting From Today, We (literal translation).

Im Soo Hyang | @hellopapa11/Instagram

The trouble between the two broadcast companies started when it was reported both dramas were slated for release in May.

SBS has decided Starting From Today, We will follow the drama Through The Darkness due to the postponement of the drama The Police Station Next To The Fire Station, which was initially planned to follow Through The Darkness.

Through The Darkness | SBS

MBC’s Dr.Lawyer was scheduled for its May release much sooner than the SBS drama. The drama led by So Ji Sub and Im Soo Hyang is widely held as one of the most anticipated MBC dramas.

So Ji Sub | High Cut Magazine

According to JTBC, MBC has petitioned SBS regarding Starting From Today, We‘s scheduling. Although the dramas are slated for different days of the week and time slots, MBC maintains SBS would be a beneficiary for any promotions done surrounding Lim Soo Hyang. The fact that the actress would be playing two different characters in any given week has led to further fears it would affect the MBC drama negatively.

We will most likely be affected negatively by SBS’s sudden rescheduling. Although it is commonplace for film schedules to conflict, it is customary to avoid premiere a drama when the leading actress is currently on air with another project.

—MBC representative to JTBC

SBS states that there should be no problems because the dramas are “very different, and their time slots and subject matter are also very different. Due to this, we feel there shouldn’t be any problems.”

It seems the real winner in this fight is Im Soo Hyang and her fans!


Source: Wikitree