Netizens Call Out MBC And SM Entertainment For Alleged Poor Treatment Of aespa’s NingNing And Giselle

“MBC and SM, please do better, it isn’t hard.”

MBC has come under fire for allegedly disrespecting aespa‘s NingNing and Giselle.

NingNing | @aespa_official/Instagram
Giselle | @aespa_official/Instagram

Aespa recently made an appearance in MBC’s reality show The Manager, where the group was able to give fans an inside look at their daily life. They also took fans behind the scenes of their work process, showing them what happens on set and how aespa film their impressive performances.

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Yet, fans were taken aback when they saw that The Manager mislabelled the members. In a video from behind the scenes of their “Girls” performance stage, MBC’s caption labeled Winter as the group’s main vocalist when in fact, that position belongs to NingNing.

| MBCentertainment/YouTube 

Fans immediately called out MBC for the error, demanding respect for NingNing and her main vocal position.

They pointed out that, while it has sometimees been said that all the members are aces and have no fixed positions, the truth is that aespa did debut with distinct positions, including main vocal, main rapper, and main dancer.

As a matter of fact, when aespa reviewed their social media profiles on 1theK, NingNing herself hilariously confirmed her position as the main vocal with great dance skills.

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Given that there are only four members, fans feel that it shouldn’t have been difficult for MBC to get the members’ positions right…

…and are therefore raising concerns about NingNing’s treatment by both MBC and by SM Entertainment.

Yet, it’s not only NingNing’s treatment that fans are worried about. MBC’s apparent omission of Giselle in one of the thumbnails for The Manager has had MYs frustrated about how aespa’s foreign members are allegedly often disrespected.

And once again, given that there are only four members, fans can’t help but wonder whether it really is that hard to include all of them fairly in group promotions, claiming that Giselle in particular often gets left out.

As much as fans have enjoyed seeing aespa on The Manager, they are truly expressing their hopes that NingNing and Giselle will be given the respect they deserve for all their hard work as members of aespa (and as the main vocalist and main rapper at that).

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