MBC Variety Show Producer Accused of Sexual Harassment

A veteran producer of weekend variety shows at MBC has been accused of sexual harassment.

According to police reports, a MBC variety show producer was accused of sexually harassing two women. He allegedly touched the private areas of two women at a club in the affluent district of Gangnam.

The incident at the club happened back on April 16 around 3:00 Am. The two women were walking through the corridors of the club when the producer felt the women and instead of apologizing berated them for accusing him of sexual harassment. 

“He did not apologize for his actions immediately and instead berated us so we had no choice but to report him to the police.”

— Sexual Harssment Victims

The sexual harassment case was sent to the prosecutor’s office and the police investigation will start soon according to the police station in charge of this case. The MBC producer was no named throughout the reports in the media and only his job was revealed.

The MBC producer said he will combat these charges because he says he was falsely accused.

Source: Chosun