MBC’s “Real Men” face major lineup change for second season

With season two of MBC’s Real Men in the making, the original cast members of the show have left the base. 

According to MBC staff on January 28th, a season two of the hit show Real Men is currently undergoing formation as all the original cast members, including artists K.Will, Henry, and actor Park Gun Hyung have confirmed their withdrawal from the show.

The program staff revealed that many new stars are currently considering appearing on the new season including Sam OtswiriJung Kyeo WoonLee Kyu HanHan Sang Jin, and more, as well as new female celebrities for the female soldier specials.

MBC has stated that the new stars are showing a positive outlook for their casting and many staff members are working hard to create a more interesting, fun, and informative program for viewers.

Source: 10asia