MBK Announces The Next Album Will Be T-ara’s Last

This will be T-ara‘s final album as a full group due to the member’s contracts expiring in May.

MBK Entertainment has confirmed that T-ara’s upcoming album, set to be released on May 17, will be the final album the 6 members (Eunjung, Jiyeon, Hyomin, Qri, Boram, Soyeon) all feature on.

In a statement, the company revealed the contracts are expiring.

“T-ara’s new album will be released on May 17. But this will be the last album the 6 members will be together for. The member’s contracts expire in May and because of that, this comeback is the last one for the full group.”

MBK Entertainment

T-ara will release their album and continue to promote both locally in Korea and internationally. The group has schedules planned until the end of June, but the members who will be attending those schedules will be finalized after discussions are held between MBK Entertainment and T-ara.

MBK Entertainment also commented on the potential renewal of contracts.

“As T-ara’s contract with the company ends in May, we are currently discussing potential contract renewals with the members.”

MBK Entertainment

Source: Xportnews, TV Report, Nocutnews