MBLAQ’s G.O And Choi Ye Seul Reveal Gorgeous Photos From Wedding Photoshoot

They are a stunning couple!

MBLAQ‘s G.O and Choi Ye Seul have recently revealed gorgeous photos and video from their wedding photoshoot.

G.O shared a photo of himself and his fiancée, Choi Ye Seul, during one of their wedding photoshoots and expressed that he had a wonderful time.


Choi Ye Seul also uploaded a series of videos and photos from the wedding photoshoot.

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💎예비신부💎 히히. 아직도 실감이 안 나요 .. 요즘 눈뜨는 순간부터 감을때까지 머릿속엔 온통 웨딩준비로 가득하네요! ⠀ 처음 느껴보는 감정들이 참 많은데 , 다 좋게 작용할거라고 믿고있어요 !! ⠀ 우리 예랑이, 제 예비 남편은 정말 든든하게 잘 해주고있어요! 어제 촬영 스텝분들 , 원장님들 , 선생님들 도시락까지 싹 주문해서 알아서 탁!! 커피주문까지 !! 정말 고마워 오빠 💙 ⠀ 요즘 감정기복이 심해서 지오오빠가 고생이많아요ㅠㅠ 짜증낼줄알았는데 👦🏻: 내가 더 잘할게 예슬아. 👧🏻: ,,☆★ (눈물콧물) 👦🏻:예슬 코는 닦자. ……. 고맙고 사랑해 내 남편구릉 💙 @salonde_gift @roserosa.wedding @kim_boha 너무너무 감사합니다 💙

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She looked absolutely stunning in her off-the-shoulder, feminine wedding dress.


G.O and Choi Ye Seul, who are 7 years apart in age, confirmed their relationship in Jaunary 2018 and are currently active as “couple YouTubers”.

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💎사랑해 예비 남편💍

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They recently shocked their viewers by announing plans for their wedding this September. They even revealed that they were planning to have children 2 years later.


Meanwhile, fans have been congratulating them on the good news and wishing them nothing but happiness. Congratulations to this gorgeous couple!

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