MBLAQ’s G.O Says Filming For This Variety Show Was Hell Itself

G.O gives details on why shooting for this program was hell!

MBLAQ’s G.O, who has been active as a host on Afreeca TV, said in one of his broadcastings that filming for the program Star King was hell itself.


G.O was a fixed member of SBS’s Star King with Mir for about 1 year.


He explained that the day of the shoot was the hardest. He had to shoot music programs from Thursdays to Sundays and then go straight to the shoot for Star King on Monday.

He confessed that he became sensitive from Sunday, the day before the Star King shoot, and that he didn’t even speak to the staff or any of his members.


G.O explained that at first, he tried his best during the 10~12 hour long shoot. However, for 10 weeks, he hardly appeared on the actual program with the exception of glimpses of him saying “Wow”, “Yes”, or other short phrases.


He said that he went through an extremely difficult and frustrating time. So, he decided to do something about it. He set out to have fun during the shoot on his own.

“We decided to have fun on our own. For instance, after one team showed off their b-boying skills, we went to the back of the stage and started ripping down the set props.” ㅡ G.O


Surprisingly, his plan unexpectedly produced good(?) effects.

At first, the producer told them to stop behaving that way but the scene ended up being very funny and later, the producer urged them to do it again. Their plan of getting fired ended up keeping them on the show even longer!


Watch the full clip below!

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