[★BREAKING] MBLAQ member Seungho beaten by director of his company

MBLAQ member Seungho was allegedly beaten by the director of his agency. The director is currently being investigated by police.

MBLAQ member Seungho and his director were called in for questioning after Seungho was allegedly struck and beaten by the director of his entertainment company.

Seoul Gangnam Police Department called in MBLAQ’s entertainment company’s director identified as A for further investigation. The alleged beating took place around 3:10 AM at a bar around SinsaDong.

At the time, Seungho called the police claiming that he was “struck by a glass cup” and cuts could be seen in his ear.

But during investigations, Seungho confessed that he was slapped instead. Director A confessed that he struck Seungho after finding him being rude while drinking together.

The police department is further investigating what exactly happened.

[ +341 / -5] What happened to MBLAQ….. I’m so sad

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[ +207 / -7] How do you hit your own artists. Not humane-like

[ +160 / -8] Hul T_T_T_T Seungho T_T_T

[ +132 / -5] The director… is trash

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