MBLAQ speak about their new group formation

MBLAQ shared their thoughts regarding after their new group formation. Since the end of last year, former members, Lee Joon and Park Sang Hyun (Thunder), departed the group to expand on their individual careers in the industry.

During a recent airing of SBS Power FM‘s 2PM Escape Cultwo Show on June 11th, MBLAQ was asked about their three member group formation. When the MCs asked if there were any remarkable changes after becoming a three member group, G.O and Seung Ho answered, “It’s comfortable to move around and there are more space in the car.”

Curious MCs also asked about their income division. Although Mir hesitated for a while, he commented, “Rather than 1/5, 1/3 is..” and turned the studio into laughter. They also stated, “All familiar things seem new to us.”

Meanwhile, netizens left comments:

1. [+579,-39] But rather than the time during 1/3, the time during 1/5 income division should’ve been better off..?;;;

2. [+432,-94] To be cold-headed, MBLAQ has no hit songs and seems relatively unpopular for an idol group? BLOCK B, BTOB, and TEENTOP are way better.

3. [+24,-1] To consistently bring up the subject, it should be irrirating for both MBLAQ and Lee Joon and Park Sang Hyun (Thunder) who are doing well with their individual promotions. If you want to criticize, shouldn’t you all criticize the broadcasting stations? 

5. [+24,-4] Why are people still mentioning members who left… whether it is direct or indirection mention, speaking negatively of them does not look good..

Source: Newsen, Newsen via Naver