MBLAQ will return as 3-member group without Thunder or Lee Joon for the first time this May

Despite their loss of two members — Thunder and Lee Joon — in December 2014, MBLAQ is returning as a trio with a new album this May!

According to a music official, the remaining members of MBLAQ — G.O, Seungho, and Mir — are regrouping and have made it their goal to release an album as early as May. It was revealed that as much as 80-90% of their album has already been recorded, but has not undergone post-production.

This album will be the first from MBLAQ following the departure of Thunder and Lee Joon, who left the group following their contract expiration with J.Tune Camp, and parted amicably. MBLAQ last performed as a 5-member group in their fan concert Curtain Call, which was held in November 2014.

MBLAQ made their initial debut in 2009 with the single album JUST BLAQ and has released many hit songs including “Y,” “Mona Lisa,” and “Smoky Girl.”

Source: OBS