MBLAQ’s G.O Debuted As A Streamer, and You Won’t Believe How Much He Made In His First Week

He made how much?!

Even though it hasn’t been long since his debut as a broadcast jockey (BJ), MBLAQ‘s G.O is doing surprisingly well for himself.


AfreecaTV posted a table showing the incomes of popular BJs who stream on their platform. This report showed that G.O made over $25,000 in his first week.


The first amount may be super impressive, but a few days later AfreecaTV posted an updated table, which showed he made $34,500 in his first 10 days as a BJ! That means he made about $3,450 a day!

AfreecaTV does not officially report BJs’ profits, but instead, they receive “star balloons.” These balloons represent a paid items that are from the viewers who watch the broadcasts.


Not only that, but he is also the top broadcast jockey on the channel, ranking at #1. Part of his popularity might be because he tries his hand at various activities. He sings all of his viewer’s song requests.


He tries his hand at gaming, sometimes with his celebrity friends such as FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki.


He’s not afraid to show off his comedic side.


And sometimes he just does a simple talk show portion.


It’s pretty easy to see why his channel is so popular!

Source: Dispatch and SBS