MC Mong to release mini-album “Song For You” as a thank you to fans

MC Mong will be returning with a new mini-album just a few days into March, in which the hip-hop artist has intended the album to be released as a thank you for fans.

A total of four tracks will be including in the mini-album Song For You, including the title track “Love Mash,” “White,” “Boredom Addiction,” and “Doom Doom.”

The title track will feature Chancellor of the Channels and was created in collaboration with composer and singer Yoon Gun, who also appears in the upcoming music video as the pianist. “Boredom Addiction” is the second title track of the mini-album and features singer-songwriter SunwooJungah. It is described as a unique and powerful, but sad medium-tempo track that is further expressed through a piano and cello line.

“White” will feature Richard Parker and has a gentle piano and acoustic guitar arrangement, while “Doom Doom” is a track by popular Japanese producer Daishi Dance.

MC Mong revealed that he has created this mini-album with lots of love, and is a gift to fans who have supported him and his music. In his quote, he further apologizes for his actions in the past and to those who he may have hurt with his actions.

This will be the first release from MC Mong just shortly after releasing his 6th studio album MISS ME OR DISS ME following a five year hiatus after his military scandal. Similar to his last music album release, MC Mong is not planning any broadcasting activities to promote it.

Check out the music video teaser for “Love Mash” here:

Source: The Star Chosun

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