MC Mong Signs Exclusive Contract With An Affiliate Label Of SM Entertainment

He’s finally found a new label.

Singer MC Mong has finally signed an exclusive contract with a new agency, and he’s chosen Million Market as his new home. Million Market is an affiliated label under SM Entertainment, where SM invested into the label after it became known for its talented musicians.

Million Market is currently home to top artists, such as Suran, Penomeco, Chancellor, and more.


This reportedly marks MC Mong’s return to actively promoting his music, beginning with his solo concert set to take place on October 25. It will be his first concert in 3 years. He is also reportedly working on a new album with the label.

Million Market has confirmed that MC Mong has signed with them and is preparing for his concert and album.

MC Mong during his most recent concert.


MC Mong was a popular hip hop artist and variety show personality during the 2000s. In 2010, he was accused of evading the mandator military duties and went on hiatus for 4 years despite his innocent court ruling.

He had begun releasing albums quietly starting in 2014 and is reportedly beginning to get back into the spotlight with his new agency.

Source: News1 and MBN Star