MC Mong’s “Fame” Includes Diss Lines As A Response To T.O.P’s “Turn It Up”

Netizens are curious as to how this diss battle will end.

Online community boards have started to speculate that MC Mong’s new song is a response to BIG BANG T.O.P’s diss in his song, “Turn It Up.”



On October 25, MC Mong released his new album CHANNEL 8, with his title song, “Fame.”

In the lyrics, it includes the lines “Boom xhakaklaka,” “I don’t do drugs, so sell them elsewhere.” People are assuming that these lines are referring to T.O.P’s drug scandal from 2017.



Previously, T.O.P’s “Turn It Up” revealed what seemed like diss lines referring to MC Mong. The lines include “Monkey magic. You can’t see with your eyes open.” The music video also features a monkey, which refers to MC Mong’s nickname of monkey. T.O.P also holds up a pair of fake teeth, referring to MC Mong’s controversy of removing teeth to be exempt from the military in 2010.



Before debuting with Big Bang, T.O.P trained under MC Mong’s agency.

Fans and Netizens are curious as to what will happen next between these two.

Source: kookje