McDonald’s Employees Will Receive Free BTS T-Shirts And We’re Kind Of Jealous

BRB, going to fill out a job application for McDonald’s.

Recently, McDonald‘s announced their collaboration with BTS for “The BTS Meal.” ARMYs employed at the fast-food chain have never been so happy to work there before.


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Employees will be among the first to try the new South Korean-inspired sauces and have access to whatever promotional materials may come. McDonald’s has not confirmed any BTS merchandise though they did release some with their previous celebrity collaborations, such as Travis Scott. As an example, the McNugget body pillow that was featured in J-Hope‘s birthday live broadcast.

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Fans have already been imagining what is to come by designing their own merchandise. Let’s just say that McDonald’s has some high expectations to meet now.

McDonald’s employees have, however, found out that they will be receiving new crew T-shirts as part of the upcoming promotion of The BTS Meal. Additionally, they have been warned that the restaurants will likely get busier. They better make sure that the ice cream machine is working because we are going to need our Oreo McFlurries.


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Knowing now that each McDonald’s employee will get a BTS T-shirt, ARMYs are contemplating whether or not to apply for a new job—and we certainly can’t blame them!

Check out some of ARMYs’ fan-made BTS x McDonald’s merch below:

ARMY’s BTS x McDonald’s Merch Is Too Good Not To Be Official

Source: Image (1), (2) and (3) and @btsxarmyjruiz