McDonald’s Has A Brand New Burger For K-Drama Lovers

K-Drama meets McDonald’s with the new Spicy Korean Burger at McDonald’s.

The burger is designed to bring K-Drama lovers closer to home. 

“A kimchi seasoned, juicy grilled beef patty topped with super spicy Korean sauce and crunchy colorful vegetables, served in a warm charcoal bun.” 

– McDonald’s

There are even clever signs for the new treat styled after all the popular K-Drama’s including Descendants of the Sun.

Images: @izzanazura

My Love From Another Star (or another grill, in this case).

Even Boys Over Flowers got its own taste of the new burger.

The fancy new burger is only being sold in Malaysia, sadly, but here’s to hoping it catches on elsewhere!

At least now, you can try out Japan’s new burger trend, K-Drama style.

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