(G)I-DLE’s Miyeon & Actor Nam Yoon Su Share Their First Impressions Of Each Other As New M Countdown MCs

They’re adorable!

(G)I-DLE‘s Miyeon and actor Nam Yoon Su are the new MCs of music program M Countdown! As fresh faces to the show, they held a short Q&A session, where they even described their first impressions of each other.

Miyeon went up first, and she shyly revealed that the first thing she noticed about Nam Yoon Su was his height: “My first impression of him…he’s very tall.

Naturally, that made her think in her head, “Wow he’s very tall.

Standing at 186 cm tall, it’s no wonder Miyeon was amazed at his height!

The young up-and-coming actor is also a popular model who has taken part in numerous photoshoots since his debut in 2014.

Among the many established magazines he has modeled for, you may recognize NylonCosmopolitan, and Vogue Girls, to name a few.

When it was Nam Yoon Su’s turn to describe his first impression of Miyeon, he carefully took the mic from her and revealed that he is (G)-IDLE’s fan. He was starstruck when meeting her for the first time!

I’m a fan of (G)I-DLE, so I thought, ‘Wow this is so cool!‘ That’s the first thought that came to my mind.

— Nam Yoo Su

Miyeon thanked him for his kind words by bowing respectfully to him.

The two are evidently still warming up to each other, but they already have cute chemistry! Watch the full video below to see it for yourself.

Source: Mnet K-POP


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