Media Outlet Reveal Insiders Committed Fraud Using Big Hit Entertainment’s Name

Insiders have been scamming various companies by acting as Big Hit’s affiliates.

Insiders revealed that several production companies were scammed by insiders pretending to be affiliates of Big Hit Entertainment.




By using the popularity of BTS, individuals known as ‘K’ and ‘D’ reportedly forged Big Hit’s documents and logos to scam victims into investing funds over 5 billion KRW (~4 million USD) in upcoming BTS concerts in Indonesia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, etc.

‘K’ was also known as someone involved in a celebrity scandal in the past regarding illegal prostitution.




The victims also mentioned that they were to keep the investments and concerts private after signing the contract.




An actor known as ‘A’ was also reported to be a part of the scams as ‘A’ and his manager met with Chinese investors during a BTS concert in Thailand. They pretended to be a part of Big Hit and received around 800 mililon KRW (~680,000 USD) in investments. It wasn’t until early this month that the investors realized that the concert was a scam. They however, were not able to receive the amount of their investment.




Fraud in the entertainment industry has been happening for many years. In 2014, an entertainment CEO scammed victims to invest in Lee Min Ho’s photo shoot and promised to give half of the proceeds to them.

In 2015, music director ‘H’ and former agency CEO ‘K’ scammed investor ‘L’ to invest in EXO’s China concert as well.




Big Hit Entertainment has yet to respond to the claims.


Source: star today