Media reports Baby KARA Sojin’s contract was mutually terminated with DSP recently

Following the shocking news of Baby KARA Sojin‘s apparent suicide, several Korean media portals have reported that up until recently, the aspiring singer was no longer under DSP Media

On February 25th, DSP Media released a statement saying, “We received this tragic news very suddenly today, we are attempting to do everything we can for the family and hope no conjectures and guess work articles surface,” further revealing that the singer had terminated her contract with the agency under mutual agreement recently.

They added, “Sojin had recently terminated her contract with DSP. The family is having a very hard time right now and does not wish too many reports on the incident please refrain from making conjectures.”

Sojin was known to be an extremely bright girl and was following her dream to become a singer in Korea, training under DSP Media for five years. As a contestant of the KARA Project: The Beginning and member of the Baby KARA, Sojin stole the hearts of viewers and fans with her good heart.

Fans look back on her positive attitude, especially during an interview segment for the KARA Project in which she was quoted, “Having fun is my motto. The moments that seem hard to endure and tiring later turn into happy memories,” tearing up while she said it.

It is reported that following the end of the KARA Project, Sojin had return home to Daejun, Daedukgu.

Source: OSEN and TV Report