Meet The 11 Trainees That Will Form Produce X 101’s Winning Group “X1”

Introducing the 11 members of X1.

Mnet just aired its final episode of Produce X 101 and they have announced the final 11 trainees who will form their latest project boy group X1.

Mnet first revealed the overall vote totals from the first episode until the start of the show. The group will be formed of the Top 10 trainees who receive the most votes during only the final round of voting, and the 11th member will be the trainee with the most overall votes.

  1. OUI Entertainment’s Kim Yohan (3,134,985 votes)
  2. TOP Media’s Kim Wooseok (3,120,276)
  3. Starship Entertainment’s Song Hyungjun (2,685,995)
  4. Jellyfish Entertainment’s Kim Mingyu (2,562,744)
  5. Brand New Music’s Lee Eunsang (2,475,046)
  6. MBK Entertainment’s Nam Dohyun (2,382,860)
  7. Starship Entertainment’s Koo Jungmo (2,176,679)
  8. TOP Media’s Lee Jinhyuk (2,105,796)
  9. DSP Media’s Son Dongpyo (1,938,435)
  10. Music Works’ Song Yuvin (1,847,144)
  11. Plan A Entertainment’s Han Seungwoo (1,790,429)
  12. Woollim Entertainment’s Cha Junho (1,692,469)
  13. Starship Entertainment’s Ham Wonjin (1,669,336)
  14. MBK Entertainment’s Lee Hangyul (1,426,634)
  15. Yuehua Entertainment’s Cho Seungyoun (1,271,071)
  16. Woollim Entertainment’s Hwang Yunseong (1,260,393)
  17. C9 Entertainment’s Keum Donghyun (1,228,228)
  18. iME Korea’s Lee Sejin (1,217,614)
  19. Starship Entertainment’s Kang Minhee (1,049,165)
  20. HONGYI Entertainment’s Tony (864,242)

They then revealed the group’s name, X1, who will be promoting together for 5 years. During those 5 years, the first 2 years and 6 months will exclusively be with X1, while in the last half, trainees are allowed to promote with their original companies again.

Around one hour into the show, Mnet revealed the 4 trainees that were currently ranked 9-12, in no particular order. They were MBK Entertainment’s Nam Dohyun, DSP Media‘s Son Dongpyo, C9 Entertainment‘s Keum Donghyun, and MBK Entertainment’s Lee Hangyul.

Around 1 hour and 45 minutes into the show, Mnet revealed the current 11th place member: Woollim Entertainment’s Cha Junho.

When the final position rankings began, Lee Dong Wook announced that a total of 14,988,884 votes were cast, combining the online and live broadcast votes.

11/X. Brand New Music’s Lee Eunsang (3,164,535 total votes)

10. Starship Entertainment’s Kang Minhee (749,444 votes)

9. Woollim Entertainment’s Cha Junho (756,939 votes)

8. MBK Entertainment’s Nam Dohyun (764,433 votes)

7. MBK Entertainment’s Lee Hangyul (794,411 votes)

6. DSP Media’s Son Dongpyo (824,389 votes)

5. Yuehua Entertainment’s Cho Seungyoun (929,311 votes)

4. Starship Entertainment’s Song Hyungjun (1,049,222 votes)

3. Plan A Entertainment’s Han Seungwoo (1,079,200 votes)

2. TOP Media’s Kim Wooseok (1,304,033 votes)

1. OUI Entertainment’s Kim Yohan (1,334,011 votes)