Meet The 20 Trainees Advancing To The Final Episode Of “Produce X 101”

Did your favorite trainee make the final round?

Produce X 101 just held its third round of eliminations, where only 20 of the remaining 31 trainees are confirmed to make it to the third round. Here is the full list of all 20 trainees who will be moving on to the final round.

Plan A Entertainment‘s Choi Byungchan was previously revealed to have dropped out of the show due to an Achilles injury, and thus he will not be included in the ranking.


20. iME Korea’s Lee Sejin (125,530 votes)

19. HONGYI Entertainment’s Tony (127,231 votes)

18. Starship Entertainment’s Ham Wonjin (148,789 votes)

17. Music Works’ Song Yuvin (152,724 votes)

16. MBK Entertainment’s Lee Hangyul (172,067 votes)

15. Starship Entertainment’s Koo Jungmo (172,337 votes)

14. Starship Entertainment’s Kang Minhee (173,169 votes)

13. Woollim Entertainment’s Hwang Yunseong (173,360 votes)

12. DSP Media’s Son Dongpyo (178,034 votes)

11. Woollim Entertainment’s Cha Junho (181,445 votes)

10. C9 Entertainment’s Geum Donghyun (187,264 votes)

9. BrandNew Music’s Lee Eunsang (230,716 votes)

8. Starship Entertainment’s Song Hyungjun (242,818 votes)

7. MBK Entertainment’s Nam Dohyun (272,795 votes)

6. Yuehua Entertainment’s Cho Seungyoun (281,580 votes)

5. Jellyfish Entertainment’s Kim Mingyu (290,944 votes)

4. Plan A Entertainment’s Han Seungwoo (329,581 votes)

3. TOP Media’s Lee Jinhyuk (351,174 votes)

2. TOP Media’s Kim Wooseok (457,477 votes)

1. OUI Entertainment’s Kim Yohan (582,503 votes)