Meet The BABYMONSTER Member Who Stunned Everyone With Her Visuals On “Inkigayo”

She’s gorgeous.

A BABYMONSTER member is going viral for her incredible visuals!


Ruka, one of two Japanese members and rappers, is the oldest in the group. She is also notably talented, being widely considered as the best dancer in BABYMONSTER.

Besides her incredible skills on stage, she’s also often praised for her stunning appearance. This was especially apparent after the group’s first ever live performance.


BABYMONSTER performed their title track “SHEESH” on the April 7th episode of SBSInkigayo. Netizens were quick to praise their stage presence and live vocals.


Another rising community post that day was Ruka’s flawless looks. Koreans commented that she is “truly so pretty,” “a natural stan attractor,” and “undeniably beautiful.” She sported long straight hair that framed her lovely facial features.

They noted that her surname is “Kawai” which is similar to the Japanese word for “cute,” another perfect match for her.


International fans also found her incredibly gorgeous, loving her expressions as well as her visuals.

While she can look fierce and sexy…

…she can also pull off dreamy concepts…


…as well as fresh ones.

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Read more about BABYMONSTER’s first stage on Inkigayo below.

The BABYMONSTER Member Earning Praise For Her Incredible Live Vocals

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